How we invest your money

We can't prevent climate change if we all continue to invest in it. At Future Super we believe it’s time to turn off the tap to the fossil fuel industry. 

Future Super is the only super fund which doesn’t invest in fossil fuel companies, or companies that provide services or finance to significant fossil fuel projects. We believe fossil fuel companies pose too many risks from an environmental, social and financial perspective.

We screen for negative and harmful activities like tobacco, gambling, live animal exports, armaments and fossil fuels. Our positive screening process ensures Future Super actively invests in exceptional companies whose activities are making our world a better place. This means you can be confident and excited about where your money is invested.

Research continues to show that companies that look after people and the planet perform better over the long term. 

How we decide who to invest in

Future Super's core value is to build our members' wealth while building more of the world we all want to live in. Future Super seeks to redirect retirement savings away from activities that harm our environment and our society and toward activities that will build a better, fossil fuel free future.

Future Super takes account of environmental, social and labour standards, as well as financial criteria, when we make decisions on how to invest our members' money. We actively seek investments in activities which we view as positive, and avoid investments which we believe have a negative impact.

Future Super Screens

Who we invest in: our portfolio

Investment Highlights

The Future Super portfolios are invested across the full range of renewable energy investments, from the companies who make renewable energy components through to direct investment in renewable energy infrastructure. The portfolio invests in established renewable energy companies like Tesla, First Solar, Sunpower and Shin-Etsu Chemical, as well as investing directly in solar farms across Australia through the IIG Solar Income Fund, from Canberra to Karratha and across the Northern Territory.

See the current investment holdings for Future Super .

Note: the investment holdings are updated every month. The list of investment holdings is not a recommendation to buy or sell any of these stocks.

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