A little about us

The Future Super leadership team is a group of people passionate about creating positive change. The team includes climate change campaigners, community organisers, superannuation experts and investment professionals with over 30 years of experience. Together they're bringing an innovative customer-focused approach to superannuation and planet-positive investment.

Our board

Our board has a wealth of experience. You can find out more about them below. 

Simon Sheikh
Founder & Managing Director
simon-head-web.png Simon understands the power of Australians coming together to create change, after 5 years as National Director at GetUp!. Under Simon's  leadership the organisation's membership tripled to 640,000 people. Previously he worked as a Financial Analyst at NSW Treasury. Simon sat on the inaugural board of the now 90,000 strong Australian Youth Climate Coalition. Simon has consulted for organisations as diverse as Bendigo Bank, the Asset Owners Disclosure Project, major unions and other community groups. He has a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Business Economics. 
Adam Verwey
Founder & Executive Director
Adam comes to Future Super with a long history in, and commitment to, the ethical investment industry. He spent nine years at Australian Ethical Investment where he was the Senior Relationships Manager with a focus on building ethical investment among individuals, financial planners and employers. Adam is a Director for the Australian Centre for Corporate Responsibility, a non-profit group which facilitates shareholder advocacy. Adam is also treasurer and director of non-profit organisation CANA, which supports organisations taking climate change action in Australia.
James Thier
Board Director & Investment Committee Member
james-head-web.png James is one of the pioneers of ethical investment in Australia. James was a founder of Australian Ethical Investment and Superannuation and served as an Executive Director from 1991 to 2011. He is a founder of the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia. In 2007 James was a Churchill Fellow studying shareholder advocacy in the US and Europe.

With the support of


Bendigo Bank is Australia's 5th largest bank. They have over 6,500 employees, who serve about 1.5 million customers in almost 500 communities Australia-wide. Bendigo Bank have provided seed funding and advice in establishing Future Super.


Grosvenor Pirie has been successfully operating as a financial services company for more than 30 years. Grosvenor Pirie provides investment management and administration services to Future Super.

Our angels and shareholders

The idea of Australia's first fossil fuel free super fund made some folks pretty excited. Our angel investors have been vital in helping us launch by providing seed capital.

Simon Holmes a Court Simon built Australia's first community owned wind farm - Hepburn Wind - along with 1900 other investors. He is a strong supporter of community renewables. 
Jane Morton and Simon Jane Jane and Simon are involved in climate change campaigning through groups including Darebin Climate Action Now, Vote Climate and Quit Coal.
Caroline Le Couteur Caroline is a former Member of the Legislative Assembly in the ACT for the Greens party. She is also a founder and former Director of Australian Ethical Investment.
Nicholas Dow Nik Dow is an experienced IT developer and an advocate for Bicycle User Groups and bicycle law reform in Melbourne and Victoria. 
Michael Cebon Michael is the Founder and General Manager of EthicalJobs.com.au, Australia's best job-search site for jobs that make a difference.
Luke and Priscilla Garner Luke and Priscilla work within higher education and the public service respectively, and share a passion for social justice and socially responsible investments.
Norman Pater Norman has built a successful IT company and is now a philanthropist and environmental activist. He is on the board of the Conservation Council of Western Australia and is involved in a range of NGOs and community campaigns.
  • "For a planet worth retiring on" Bill McKibben - 350.org