Want to get into the the sustainable living movement but aren’t sure where to start? From fashion to fitness, lifestyle, and eco living, these 17 blogs will change the way you think about sustainable living. Make 2018 the year you make a change with a little help from these environmental advocacy websites.

1. Jaclyn McCosker

An environmental blogger driven by a desire to be more than just a single minded changemaker, McCosker advocates across a variety of environmental issues, believing that the rights of humans and animals are intrinsically linked to those of the environment.

2. Green With Me

A positivity focused blog offering advice on how to start living a more sustainable lifestyle. With less focus on doom and gloom and more on how how small changes can lead to big things, this is a starting point if you’re a beginner.

3. Good on You

A blog full of useful information about which brands are ethical and why. It contains thought provoking facts that’ll help you make good purchasing decisions when shopping with fashion in mind. Their app, which will help you check the ethicality of a particular brand, is also a handy addition.

4. Barefoot Earth

Travel and photography meet sustainable living in this inspired blog. With tips on practical changes like living plastic free, as well as inspirational imagery and breathtaking travelogues, this is a terrific blog to satiate your inner bohemian.

5. Accidental Greenie

With a focus on empowerment Accidental Greenie combines practical measures for living more environmentally friendly with sustainable product reviews. It is run by the founder of Biome Eco Stores, Tracey Bailey.

6. African Aussie

Beyond recipes and crafts made sustainable, African Aussie also includes great guides on recycling fashion and tending to a garden. A great all encompassing enviro-blog that is updated regularly with tips for easily leading a DIY lifestyle.

7. Walk Sew Good

A blog about two women in search of empowering stories in ethical fashion, Walk Sew Good looks to raise the standards of workers while proving fashion can be made ethically and with concern for the environment.

8. Eco Warrior Princess

Covering as diverse a range of topics such as green energy, feminism and ethical fashion, Eco Warrior Princess defines itself as a community of stylish people who want to be part of the solution to the world's current issues.

9. My Green Australia

A daily broadsheet style blog with a focus on green technology, lifestyle and environmental protection. My Green Australia also has a great recommended book list if you’re looking to delve deeper into sustainable topics and really revolutionise your lifestyle.

10. Sustahood

Sustainable alternatives, feature stories and practical tips on making an impact, even if you live in an urban environment. Sustahood also covers hot button topics like the economics of the environment, offering strong opinions that are unwavering in their dedication to sustainability.

11. For Earthy Souls Tree Hugga Blog

What you will find here is some fantastic recipes for eating sustainably and product reviews on simple things you can do to stay environmentally friendly.

12. Down to Earth Mother

Self proclaimed ‘greenie’, writer and journalist Jo Hegarty delves into the practicalities of living sustainably with her Down to Earth Mother blog. Covering simple actions you can do day to day, Hegarty’s blog is relatable, accessible and the perfect antidote to the sometimes snobby world of ethical living.

13. Never Pay Retail

Want to look good without breaking the bank? Care about the environment and want to know more about DIY fashion? Never Pay Retail is a blog for lovers of thrift store bargains and not only ethical but also practical fashion. It’s a great place to start if you’re a fan of looking good but are tired of fast fashion that ruins our precious planet.

14. Shift

Showcasing the best in conscious consumerism, Shift is a fashion and interior design blog with a focus on handmade and waste free design. If you’re after lifestyle advice Shift is also a good read, with simple tips on how to keep your lifestyle, (and even your dogs) plastic free.

15. Simply Carbon

Combining action based research and best practice, Simply Carbon focuses on improving education and promoting systemic change within the school system through results driven success. The Simply Carbon blog is full of useful tips on native gardening, sustainable fundraising and recycling.

16. Hello Charlie Blog

Ethical beauty needn’t come at too high a cost. The Hello Charlie blog is full of useful tips on looking good, feeling great about yourself and feeling great about the environment. There’s also information about looking after yourself, with a focus on holistic wellness and being good to each other.

17. Sustainability in Style

Their tagline reads ‘Changing the World one Wardrobe at a Time’ but Sustainability in Style is more than just a fashion blog. With musings on the future of sustainability and the role (both positive and negative) bloggers can play in bringing about actual change, these guys feel right on the cusp.

Join the movement

From fashion to food, lifestyle to travel, the sustainability movement is changing the way we think about the world and our place in it. It’s about more than just growing your own food, it’s about the choices we make financially as well. Join the movement today. Switch your super to Future Super and start making a positive impact today.