Marriage equality is a no brainer. Adults should be able to marry the person they love, regardless of race, religion, gender identification or sexual orientation.

The fact that thousands of Aussies are blocked from marrying the person they love is blatant discrimination. We don’t need an expensive national postal survey to figure that out, or do something about it. Most Australians support marriage equality, and would prefer our politicians just do their job and fix the law.


And yet, here we are. Thanks to the god-awful state of federal politics, the plebiscite looks likely to go ahead.


We’re Stepping Up Our Support For Marriage Equality

Future Super has already:

  • Reached over 100,000 young people with the message to enrol, update details and vote in the postal survey via our social media platforms
  • Become the first super fund to offer nonbinary gender identification for members
  • Created a Marriage Equality logo for use during the plebiscite

Now we’re stepping up our support.

In solidarity with the marriage equality movement, Future Super is offering our office as a space for YES campaign volunteers to make calls. Our staff will be making calls, and anyone is welcome to join us.

Get Involved: Register for a Calling Event

It’s hard to believe we still need to fight for equal marriage rights in Australia in 2017. But it’s hardest on the hundreds of thousands of  same-sex attracted Aussies - our friends, colleagues, relatives and acquaintances. They are being dragged into the spotlight for their sexuality. The ‘respectful debate’ has, unsurprisingly, had the hurtful start everyone predicted. However, thousands of us are mobilising to support our fellow citizens, help end marriage discrimination and make sure love wins.

Register your interest in attending a call group today.