A bold plan to accelerate Australia’s transition to 100% renewable energy

...with super!

100% renewables is 100% possible, but we need your help

Superannuation is one of the most powerful tools we have in the fight to stop climate change.

Collectively, we have more money in super than our economy generates in a year.

And yet, research by the Asset Owners Disclosure Projects shows that only 2% of the world's pension funds are investing in renewable energy and climate solutions, with as much as 50% connected to polluting industries.

For a renewables-powered future, this needs to change.

Our plan - empower everyday Australians to easily get their super out of fossil fuels and into renewable energy.


Introducing Renewables Plus

Future Super Growth (Renewables Plus) is the flagship new option from Future Super team.

With an industry-leading 20% target allocation to renewables and zero investment in fossil fuels, we believe Future Super Growth (Renewables Plus) can be part of the solution.

Join today if you want your super to help accelerate Australia's renewable energy revolution.

Your super can build solar farms.

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