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At Future Super, we look for powerful investments that are 100% clean and ethical, so you can grow your wealth without damaging the world.

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You don’t need a portfolio full of unethical industries to get great results

Your super doesn’t have to be invested in bad things in order to fund a great retirement. There’s so many fantastic, ethical ways to build a portfolio  - and the evidence shows that ethical investments have outperformed others over the short, medium and long terms.

So it can be done — all while helping our world become a better place.

Proven returns from investing in better companies...

Until recently, most super funds looked to wherever they could find the best returns for their customers. That took them to industries that tended to pay well — like tobacco, weapons, coal, oil and gas.

Then we came along and decided to do things differently.

We've got history of great returns investing in...

Invest clean and green
Renewable Energy
Invest clean and green
Sustainability & Recycling
Invest clean and green
Healthcare & wellbeing
Invest clean and green
Efficient transport

Invest with impact

Our expert analysts hunt for investments that make money by solving big problems like climate change, healthcare and homelessness.

Get in on the action with some of the world’s most impressive companies

Our investments are spread across lots of top performing companies that are leaders in their industries. And all of them meet or exceed our strict ethical criteria - helping to create a cleaner, greener future.

Solid returns that beat the average

While no one can predict the future success of your investment choices, we spend a huge amount of time and resources to ensure our strategy is as successful as possible.

And so far we’ve done well - our fund has continued to outperform the benchmark as per our latest returns data.

  • We’re totally upfront - and happy to show you our entire portfolio (not just the top 10 performers)
  • We're 100% fossil fuel free - why invest in old dying industries when renewables and power storage is booming?
  • Our bottom linke is your bottom line - we work hard to ensure great returns for your super from the world's most ethical companies
  • Ethical investments have outperformed traditional investments, over the short, medium and long term^.
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How we compare to the benchmark. Returns shown to 31 January 2018.

Inception date is 1 September 2014. Returns shown for Future Super are after fees and taxes. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. For detailed information about Future Super please read the Product Disclosure Statement, Additional Information Booklet, Financial Services Guide and Insurance Guide. * The benchmark is CPI +2.5% per annum.

It's obvious why people love Future Super 😍

Join thousands of Australians who've moved almost $400 million out of fossil fuels.

Sustainability is a huge part of my life. Making the switch to Future Super was a natural choice.


I take divestment seriously. With Future Super, my money works to reduce the impacts of climate change.

Natural Resource Manager

I can make my super work for more than just my own benefit.


Sustainability is a family value, and we all need to participate in the solutions.


Find & combine your super

1. As you join, use your TFN to find all your accounts.

2. Choose which accounts to move over to Future Super.

3. Receive an email when each account transfer is complete (it can take 3-28 days).

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Important Note: While we make it easy to sign up and combine your super, you should not make a financial decision based on these factors. You should read the Product Disclosure Statement before making any financial decisions. When you authorise an account transfer, Future Super will send a rollover request to the other fund/s on your behalf. Transfers can take 7 business days to finalise.

Invest clean and green

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