You fight for Pacific climate resilience.
Your super should, too.

Get a $150 donation towards Climates for joining and for every friend you recruit.

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Australia’s Strongest Ethical Screen

We do not invest in fossil fuel companies or in a range of other harmful industries. Instead, we look for positive investments such as renewable energy, healthcare and education.

Invest clean and green

100% Fossil Free

Zero investments in fossil fuels, and companies that finance the fossil fuel industry.

Invest clean and green

Avoid Animal Cruelty

Zero investments in companies involved in live animal exporting.

Invest clean and green

Support Human Rights

Zero investments in companies involved in detention centres.

Not only that

We avoid investments in harmful things like…

Invest clean and green
Invest clean and green
Invest clean and green

Help us help our mates in the Pacific

Switching your super makes a meaningful impact

When you join Future Super, we'll boost your Climates fundraising efforts.

Climates empowers people in the Australia-Pacific region to address their climate challenges together. By enabling genuine relationships built on trust and friendship, they bring people together to help support each community’s response to climate change.

We think they're doing amazing work. That's why when you switch to Future Super during the Climates fundraising drive, we'll donate an extra $150 on your behalf.

* For everyone who joins and switches their super to Future Super as part of the Climates fundraising drive, a $150 donation will be made on behalf of that fundraising participant. Additionally, for every friend that person recruits to join, another $150 will be donated. While Future Super will pay this donation to Climates if you join, you should not make a decision about whether to invest in the Future Super Fund based on this. You should read the Product Disclosure Statement and other important documents before making any financial decisions.
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A diversified, future-focused portfolio of investments

The Future Super portfolio is filled with many of the world’s greatest, forward-thinking companies. Here are just a few…

Competitive Returns

Responsible investment funds have outperformed over the last 5 years^ 

Average Responsible Investment Fund^
Multi-Sector Growth Fund Average^

^ Source: Responsible Investment Association Australiasia, Responsible Investment Benchmark Report 2016 Australia. Per Annum returns for 5 year period to 30 June 2016, Multi-Sector Growth Funds. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

What our customers say

They love being able to change the world in meaningful ways.

I can make my super work for more than just my own benefit.
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Find & Combine

When you sign up, we can easily find your other Super accounts. You can then transfer those accounts to Future Super with just a couple of clicks. 

Important Note: While we make it easy to sign up and combine your Super, you should not make a financial decision based on these factors. You should read the Product Disclosure Statement before making any financial decisions. Transferring your accounts to Future Super means that your request for a rollover is sent to your other fund, and your other Super is usually transferred within 7 days.

Invest clean and green

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