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We'll give Plasticwise Taroona a $125 donation when you make the switch

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Ethics isn't optional anymore.

Are you OK with your super being invested in industries that addict, pollute and kill?

We're not.

Future Super exists so you can grow your super by investing a better, fairer, renewables-powered future.

100% Fossil Free
Zero investments in fossil fuels, and companies that finance the fossil fuel industry.
Avoid Animal Cruelty
Zero investments in companies involved in live animal exporting.
Support Human Rights
No investments in companies involved in detention centres.
We also avoid...
Investments in harmful things like gambling, tobacco & weapons

Support Plasticwise Taroona when you make the switch

As a community-driven super fund, Future Super loves supporting people-powered organisations fighting for positive change.

When you join Future Super, we'll boost your Climates fundraising efforts.

Plasticwise is a volunteer run community organisation dedicated to reducing the amount of plastic waste ending up in our oceans and landfill.

Plasticwise Taroona's Plastic Free Lunchbox Project is empowering a generation of Tassie kids to be part of the solution. Through workshops kids learn how to make their own beeswax wraps to replace plastic.

We love what Plasticwise Taroona is doing. That's why when you switch to Future Super from this page, we'll donate $125 to Plasticwise on your behalf.

* For everyone who joins and switches their super to Future Super via this page, Future Super will make a $125 donation  to Plasticwise Taroona on your behalf, and a $25 payment to StartSomeGood, the social-impact crowdfunding platform powering the Climate Leaders Challenge. The donation is paid by Future Super Services Pty Ltd, the promoter of Future Super, and is not a cost to members of the Fund. While Future Super will pay this donation if you join, you should not make a decision about whether to invest in the Future Super Fund based on this. You should read the Product Disclosure Statement and other important documents before making any financial decisions.
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A diversified, future-focused portfolio of investments

The Future Super portfolio is filled with many of the world’s greatest, forward-thinking companies.

Here are just a few…

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Important Note: While we make it easy to sign up and combine your Super, you should not make a financial decision based on these factors. You should read the Product Disclosure Statement before making any financial decisions. Transferring your accounts to Future Super means that your request for a rollover is sent to your other fund, and your other Super is usually transferred within 7 days.

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