Future Super now allows members to split their balances across multiple investment options. Previously, we required members to choose one investment option - so that meant 100% of your balance was invested in the option you chose. Now we’ve rolled out the ability for members to split their super into multiple options. 

Here’s how you do it: log into your member online account and click on ‘Investment Options’. Then you will be able to select ‘Manage Investments’. From this page, you will be able to choose to put all your balance in one option or to split your balance between multiple options. 

You can choose your own allocation For example, you could put 50% in Renewables Plus Growth and 50% in High Growth or you could put 10% in High Growth and 90% in Balanced Index. It’s 100% your call! 

And remember, there’s still nothing wrong with just choosing one option and having 100% of your balance invested in it.

We’ve introduced this new ability to split your super because we are launching the High Growth option. A 90% allocation to growth assets, which is what the High Growth option offers, is very high! This means the option is higher risk. By giving members the option to only invest in a portion of their super in High Growth, members can have more control over how much risk they are taking on. 

The minimum portion of your balance you can allocate to an investment option is 5%.