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Future Super has 3 different investment options for you to choose from — from 100% divestment to financing solar farms.

You choose the impact you want your super to have.

Your super, your impact.

Three ethical options, from low to high impact.

Choose one that suits you today, change anytime.

Renewables Plus Growth

Supercharged renewables investments
highest IMPACT

Balanced Impact

Increased social & ethical outcomes

Balanced Index

100% divestment


0.99% pa + $1.80 per week

Outperform CPI + 2.75% p.a. over 10 year periods (after fees)

This Balanced Option allows you to completely divest your super from nasty investments, but doesn't actively invest in positive ethical outcomes.

This Growth option is fossil fuel free, with no nasties and invests a target of 20% of the portfolio into renewable energy projects, like solar farms.



1.79% pa + $1.80 per week

1.89% pa + $1.80 per week

Outperform CPI + 3% p.a. over 10 year periods (after fees)

Outperform CPI + 3% p.a. over 10 year periods (after fees)

This Balanced Option is fossil fuel free, contains no nasties, and actively invests in positive ethical outcomes.

Investment objectives
100% divestment
Exposure to renewables
Option summary

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The fees shown above are the total of the Investment Fees, Administration Fees and Indirect Cost Ratio for Future Super. Other fees and costs may apply.

*Oh, and there's no weekly admin fee if your balance is below $1000 :)

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