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Below you'll find answers to some common questions about superannuation, the Future Super Fund, our pension plan, and divestment from fossil fuels.

Superannuation basics

What is superannuation?
Accessing benefits in retirement
Super is an investment
Employer contributions & tax
Choosing your own super fund
Annual rollover program - for members who don't have choice

Future Super common questions

How do I join Future Super?
How do I move my current super?
Can you find my old super accounts?
How do I get my employer to pay to Future Super?
Can I get insurance?
How do I check up on my account?
What is a fossil fuel free super fund?
Aside from fossil fuels, what other ethical screens does Future Super have?
What investment options does Future Super have?
How do I nominate a beneficiary for my account?
How do I make personal contributions to top up my account?
My employer won't pay to Future Super. What can I do?
I'm self-employed. How do I make contributions?
Does Future Super allow salary sacrifice contributions?

Pension fund common questions

How does a pension work?
What is an Account-Based Pension?
When am I eligible to receive a pension?
How much do I need to start a pension account?
How do I check up on my account?


What is divestment?
What is fossil fuel divestment?
Why should I take my money out of harmful industries?
How do I divest? What's the process?
How do I find out what my current super fund invests in?

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You should read the PDS (or pension PDS), Additional Information BookletFinancial Services Guide and Insurance Guide before making any financial decisions regarding Future Super funds.